The Oceanbridge Customs team consists of 10 people and provides you our with all the requirements for the import or export of your goods.  A number of them have over 30 years experience in this field.
Services available to you include: 

  • Full tariff classifications for any goods
  • Complete Import Customs process
  • Dealings with NZ Customs and/or MAF (Quarantine)
  • Landed Costing reports in a format that suits you
  • Full Export Clearance and documentation requirements
  • Registration for new customers with NZ Customs
  • Liaising with NZ Government departments as required
  • Give you access to people with import ATF credentials for customers who do not have trained personnel on site 
Online with New Zealand Customs and the ports with the most up to date IT software complete with Customs tariffs and so on.  We look to ensure that your cargo moves either out of or into New Zealand without unnecessary delays whilst complying with all relevant statutory regulations.
For further information, please email Stephen Pipes: